Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peanut Butter Bars



The other day, I drank a homemade Vanilla Latte a little too late at night and I was up tossing and turning until 2AM with one thing on my mind, layered cookie bars. #Riskyfat. For my own self respect and waist line, I waited until the following day to bake my masterpiece.

Although I love over-the-top desserts, I wanted to bake something that everyone would love… Mostly so that I wouldn’t eat it all by myself… But I wanted to be nice, too. 😉

Since making Knock You Naked Brownies I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. Something about that gooey, delicious caramel layer was magical and I wanted to recreate it. Except this time with a little extra pizazz… Peanut Butter! Fact: Peanut butter always makes things taste better (i.e., toast, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, brownies, ice cream, fruit, etc.)

As I said before, I didn’t want this dessert to…

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